A young big wave rider in the USA

Something new in my flat which I find quite useful.

My cat, Coo-chan, is curious about it, while my other cats, Lun-chan and Delhi-chan show no interest in the newcomer.

Dedicated to happily-married couples around the world, especially SKD-san and his family!

In memory of my dearest Chibi-chan.

Photo at the top:

Along the Nakagawa River where we used to walk.

We lived in a flat in Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

for about 2 years. It was difficult to find a flat where

pets were allowed those days. We finally started living

there together in February, 1990.

Other photos taken at my flat in Yokohama,

early 1992. Chibi-chan lived here for the rest

of his life, with me and other furry friends

looking for new home. He was so gentle to

other dogs and cats.

I have come to know a brilliant violinist from

Germany recently, and thanks to him I could

make another slideshow in memory of my Chibi-chan.

(The slideshow below is unlisted on YouTube.

It is slightly different from the one made public.)

On August 9 every year I mourn for my Chibi-chan.

And on the same day, a large number of people mourn

for their loved ones who died when an atomic bomb

was dropped in Nagasaki in 1945. They have been

mourning for the last 66 years. I, only for the last 8 years ...

After I lost my Chibi-chan, I think I have come to feel

the suffering of others more.

I wish I could have him right here, right now.

What do they have in common?

Who is he?

"Se Pa Mig" (Another Night") from 1995

One of my favorite songs by Jan Johansen.